Turn Around Time

 Please confirm via the banner at the top of the home page for the current TAT.

What is TAT?

Turn around time or TAT is how long does it take for your order to be created, packaged, and dropped off at the mail.

How is TAT calculated?

Turn around time starts the day after you place your order. For example if you order on Monday your first day of TAT would be Tuesday. For orders placed on Friday, your first day of TAT would be Monday as our standard business days are Monday through Friday. 

Its an emergency?! I need help!?

For whatever reason you find yourself behind on an obligation to your customers and you need something ASAP, we do offer RUSH options to help. You will have to reach out to the Store Page. In these scenarios we possibly have Saturday print and ship depending on RUSH order queue and time you contact us.


 We do not consider federal Holidays to be part of the standard business day calculation. The rule of thumb is if there is no mail service that day, it is not a business day for TAT.