How To Order

Lets cover using our Design Catalog and Scaling Your Design printed fabric and faux leather..

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Scaling Your Design

You have found the perfect design, and the perfect material for your project. Now lets scale the print it for your project.

But first what does this mean This his how big the image is printed on your material.

This product is made to order and customized for you!

Remember - We scale off of the largest portion of a main element on the design. We will cover this below.

If you need help at any time during business hours hit the live chat button. We will happily assist you!

Small Scale

Highly detailed designs can lose some of their intricacy at a small scale. Please keep this in mind.

Smooth fabric types, such as DBP, Cloud Scuba, and Athletic Knit, create the best small-scale prints.

Medium Scale

This print scaling works perfectly for children's apparel.

If you have an exact size in mind, feel free to leave it in the notes.

For example, "Make the ghost 2.5 inches tall".

We will make your main ghost (the big one) the specific height, and the rest of the design will remain proportionate.

Large Scale

You are wild and bold. You want a giant print!

Large printing can create dramatic, one-of-a-kind apparel.

Remember, if you need help, we are here. You will be a custom fabric printing pro in no time.